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Welcome and thank you...

by Christopher Samuel Stone

It's really good to see you here.

We're now ready to take pre-orders, the closing date for which is the 30th April 2017. This is the only way you will be able to get a copy. The books will then be distributed and should be with you in mid-May after purchase. We shall be posting updates of reviews and other things both here and on the Facebook page.

A lot of credit for getting where we are has to be down to Jenny Shirt who has been a pleasure to work with. Her help, opinion and advice have been invaluable (even though sometimes she doesn't think so.)

Meanwhile, we must also thank the following people who have all contributed to this project:-

Sean Alexander, Carolyn Arnold, Amy Balcombe, Dan Barratt, Simon Brett, Christopher Bryant, Tim Buckle, Alan T Butcher, Damon Capehart, Karen Carpenter, Ange Chan, Scott Claringbold, Chris Clark, Russell Cook, Sue Cook, Andy Cowan, Ian Curtis, John Davies, Tommy Donbavand, Stuart Douglas, Jolyon Drake, Paul Driscoll, Kate Du-Rose, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Carolyn Edwards, Tony J Flyer, Siobhan Gallichan, Tim Gambrill, David Gellard, Edward Green, Jonathan Green, Christine Grit, Eric Hadfield, Jamie Hailstone, Colleen Hawkins, Steve Hayward, Lisa Jenny Hazelgreaves, R A Henderson, Simon Hickson, Martin A W Holmes, David Ingram, William Keith, Dwight Kemper, Nick Kirby, Don Klees, John Laking, Andy Lane, Andrew Lawston, Allan Lear, Richard Long, Ric Lumb, Doug MacBeath, Gary MacColl, Mace Mateo, Ian McCann, Mark McManus, Nick Mellish, Mark Mellon, Mike Morgan, Jonathan Morris, Rob Moss, Boulent Mustafa, Douglas Neman, Miles Northcott, Chris Orton, Lisa Parker, John Peel, Grant Perkins, Jon Preddle, N J Rawlings, Paul Rhodes, Peter Roy, Kath Sale, Cody Schell, Will Shaw, Robert Shepherd, Andrew Stark, Alan Stevens, Callum Stewart, Helen Stirling, Jason Thomas, Andrew Trowbridge, Dennis Trowbridge, James R Turner, Mavvy Vasquez, Jeff Waddell, Tara Ward, Daniel Wealands, Ian Wells, Craig Wheeler, Kingsley Clennel White, Ann Worrall, Richard Young and Jeffrey Zyra.

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